Ordinarily when you think about the ultimate drinking experience, a specific place comes to mind - like the mountains of Alaska, deserts of Arizona, beaches of California, or the excitement of Louisiana's Mardi Gras.

But when the website Supercall passed along their top drinking experience for South Dakota, it wasn't about where you do your drinking, but what you do your drinking with:

Wash down chislic with a cold beer 

A classic South Dakota delicacy, chislic is cubed red meat, flavored with garlic salt and served on a toothpick. It can be game, mutton or beef, deep fried or grilled, depending on where you are in South Dakota. One thing’s for certain no matter where you are; it’s always served with saltine crackers and a pitcher of beer.

They've nailed it there! Why should you have to travel to some specific location to have a great experience? In South Dakota, we're always ready for a good time, as long as there's an abundant supply of our unofficial 'State Food' nearby.

It certainly beats having to hang out at the National Hobo Convention (Iowa), going to the Pumpkin Chunkin Festival (Delaware), or having to brave the cold, ice fishing (Minnesota).

Oh by the way, did you know chislic has its own Wikipedia page?

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