On Air

Bob and Tom

Hosted by Bob and Tom

The legendary Bob and Tom show is a radio favorite for Sioux Falls. True broadcasting pros, they have provided laughs and pushed the envelope for more than two decades in the Sioux Empire.

Jeff Harkness

Hosted by Jeff Harkness

Jeff Harkness fires up your workday at 9:00 AM to set the pace for a blistering day of great rock. He’s a rock encyclopedia and weaves a ton of artist information into each show.

Danny V

Hosted by Danny V

Listening to Danny V on the B gives you a great sense of what’s happening in Sioux Falls, weather when it matters, traffic updates, what’s trending, and breaking news. Did I mention tons of classic rock?

Scott Davidson

Hosted by Scott Davidson

Scott Davidson has bouts of insomnia and we couldn’t let that talent go to waste… so we gave him a job. The only live and local overnight show for rock starved “3rd shifters” is on B1027.