South Dakota

This Bachelor’s Degree is The Most Popular In South Dakota
Higher education for some of us who attended college was a dream, for others maybe it was strongly 'suggested' by our parents.
But as it turns out, one degree here in South Dakota appears to be more popular than any other field of study.
According to TownCharts via the 2020 American Community Survey, …
10-Digit Calling Coming to South Dakota
At your next convenience, here's a chore to take care of that will save you headaches later. Add 605 to all the South Dakota numbers in your smartphone and programmable landlines. You might say this is our welcome to the big 605. We recently heard that South Dakota will be adding a couple of th…
Here is South Dakota’s Favorite Cookie
Now today isn't national cookie day (that's on December 4) but it is Friday and that's reason enough to celebrate in our opinion! So if South Dakotans want a cookie fix what is their favorite go-to?
Well, thanks to Eat This, Not That! who wrote a story about the study that was done by "the one a…

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