Beer isn't what it used to be. Now that's either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask.

With the advent of craft beer, there are a whole host of different places offering the sudsy beverage in a wide variety of flavors. Great for people who love to get adventurous with their lagers, not so great for folks who miss the days of only two or three choices from the tap.

Regardless of how you feel about beer in 2018, one thing is certain - in South Dakota, we're still drinking a ton of it!

A new report from Wall Street 24/7 ranks the Mount Rushmore State as the fourth highest in the nation when it comes to how much we consume, per person.

According to the numbers, the average South Dakota throws back a little more than 38 gallons of beer each year. That's a whopping 24 million gallons statewide in a 12-month period, up nearly three percent from five years ago. All of that despite having the highest tax rate on beer ($0.2.27 per gallon) of any of the states in the top five.

Top Five States For Annual Per Capita Beer Consumption

  1. New Hampshire (40.6 gallons)
  2. Montana (39.4 gallons)
  3. North Dakota (38.3 gallons)
  4. South Dakota (38.2 gallons)
  5. Wisconsin (34.3 gallons)

Nationally, beer is still the beverage of choice among Americans. Beer Marketer's Insights says beer is the top pick for 43% of those who consume alcohol. Wine is second (32%), hard liquor is third (20%).

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