The old system of using the human eye and notes on a piece of paper to record the condition of city streets went out the window years ago. Well, not that long. Beginning in 2015 the city of Sioux Falls Street Department began using Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) to begin a state-of-the-art street pavement survey.

Now after one of the worst winters that decimated the roadways IMS will conduct a high tech survey to evaluate the over 800 miles of roads in the city.

The survey will give a snapshot of what to work on over the next four years. This device measures pavement roughness, rutting, cracking, and other surface distresses as it travels down the city streets. Without any weather delays, IMS will collect data for approximately six weeks and then turn over the data to the city.

Part of the data collected will give Sioux Falls a picture of what treatments to use and at what time, all cost-effective to the Sioux Falls taxpayers.

Some of the major projects conducted this year were Minnesota Avenue, 12th street and the rebuild of Ellis Road.

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