When traveling across our great state there are a number of great popular attractions. From the Corn Palace to Badlands National Park, from Mount Rushmore to Storybook Land. There is something for everyone.

But there is one location in South Dakota is the most underrated spot in South Dakota.

USA Today listed the "Most Underrated Travel Spots in Every State" and they have listed that Cosmos Mystery Area in Rapid City as the most underrated in South Dakota.

"This family-friendly attraction demonstrates such forces of nature as magnetism, gravity and and visual perception through immersive hands on activities," said USA Today. "Once you've explored mystery features, try your hand at mining geodes and cracking them open in the facility's hydraulic press."

Prices are $11 for people 12 and older, $6 for children 6 to 11. So the next time you are out in Rapid City, make a pit stop at one of our most underrated travel spots.

Source: USA Today

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