“If I won the lottery,” is usually a dream reserved for a jackpot with the stated value that tops seven figures. Let’s also remember smaller prizes are nice too.

The South Dakota Lottery announced via press release that someone met the criteria for winning first prize in the Wednesday night drawing for the Dakota Cash game. On one ticket the numbers read 1, 2, 30, 31 and 32 which nets an award of $83,440.

Park Ridge Gas N Pak at 1801 S. Western Ave. in Sioux Falls sold the ticket which now must be redeemed at the South Dakota Lottery office. The clock is running for the lucky player as 180 days are now set for claiming the moolah. Dakota Cash is played only in South Dakota.

In case you were wondering, three thousand Dakota Cash tickets qualified for a prize as there were nine $100 winners matching 4 of 5 numbers, 274 that hit three of the five for a $3 win and 2,716 tickets that got their money back for picking 2 of 5 numbers.

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