The Friends of the Bob & Tom Show Comedy Tour returned to Sioux Falls Friday night and had 1400+ people in attendance laughing all night long.

Kristi Lee, long-time news woman and co-host on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show, made her first ever appearance in Sioux Falls (though she'd been to Rapid City and Brookings in past years) and the crowd definitely made her feel welcome with loud applause and a long line after the show to get their picture taken with her.

Lee was emcee for the evening, but showed a sharp tongue and great comedic timing talking about raising her daughters, who are 15 and 11. She's sure her 11 year old is destined to be on the stage as a comedian in the future and if the stories she told were any indication, I'd say she's right.

Jimmy Pardo

Costaki Economopolous was supposed to be a part of the tour stop but had to cancel late this week due to a family emergency, so Jimmy Pardo (above) and Drew Hastings agreed to do an extra long set and both of them delivered a GREAT set!

Pardo has very little 'planned' as far as his set each night. He has some great stories about his young son Oliver and working in TV (he's been the warm up and a semi-regular on Conan for several years) But what Pardo does best is improv. He loves talking to the audience and you never know where it will go. Just ask Nick, Steve, Duane and the two guys who wore matching sleeveless shirts if they ever want to sit down front at a Jimmy Pardo show again! From Nick, who according to Pardo is married to a 14 year old, to Duane (Jimmy didn't like the way he spelled his name) to Steve who wasn't quite sure how long he'd been married until he asked his wife, to Pardo joking that the two guys without sleeves would chain him to a radiator or smash his head in the t-tops of their Trans Am's, Pardo was simply on a roll through his 45 minute set.

Drew Hastings

Drew Hastings, the newlywed, metrosexual farming mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio (yes, really on ALL counts!) closed the show with a city boy's look at farming (I chased a calf three hundred yards across a field before I realized it was a giant Hefty bag!) to being anti-authority, yet BEING the authority now as mayor, to the crazy women he dated before getting married in January. Hastings always puts on a great show!

And on behalf of everyone at B102.7 and the Bob & Tom Show, thanks to all of YOU for listening and for supporting these shows. We couldn't do it without you and can't wait to do it again.

Don't forget, one of the regular bands from the Bob & Tom Show, Here Come The Mummies, will be at JazzFest here in Sioux Falls in July!

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