Tim Wilson was one of the most frequent guests on the Bob & Tom Show over the years. His stories about growing up in the south and hilarious songs were always a hit on the radio, or on the comedy tours, as they were one year ago when he was on the Comedy Tour stop here in Sioux Falls.

Wilson passed suddenly in February, leaving a hole in our hearts and on the Bob & Tom Show. They have put together a show in May in Indiana to benefit the Tim Wilson Memorial Fund for his children which will feature Kristi Lee, Chick McGee, Drew Hastings, Heywood Banks, Dr. Gonzo and Bob & Tom themselves. Since the show is in Indiana, we can't go, but we CAN honor his memory this Friday night at the Washington Pavilion in downtown Sioux Falls when we go to the Friends of the Bob & Tom Show Comedy Tour with Hastings and Lee plus Jimmy Pardo and Costaki Economopolous.

We plan on having donation jars available in the lobby in case you would like to donate. The show is hoping to have postcards available to hand out to give you more information on donating as well.

To donate to the memorial fund, please make checks payable to:

Tim Wilson Memorial Fund and mail to:

Tim Wilson Memorial Fund

c/o Fifth Third Bank Attn: Rosa

2000 Wedgewood Avenue Nashville, TN 37212

You can also donate via Paypal through this link.

We will never forget the comedian with a heart of gold who never failed to make us laugh. We miss you Timmy.

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