The man in black doesn't just refer to the legend Johnny Cash, it can also apply to comedian Drew Hastings, who often performs dressed head to tow in black with black horn-rimmed glasses. The 6'6" self-proclaimed metro-sexual left Los Angeles after two decades and went 'home' to his native Ohio when he was 50 years old to become a gentleman farmer. That in itself led to a LOT of great comedy material.

Then in 2012, he decided that he couldn't change the world, but he could change the place where he lives, so he ran for mayor of Hillsboro, Ohio...and won in a landslide.

Then even crazier, the man who most believed would be a bachelor farmer for life, married a woman 25 years his junior in Las Vegas in January.

To say he's got a LOT of new material when he comes to Sioux Falls this Friday night as part of the Keystone Light Friends of the Bob & Tom Show, would be an understatement.

I got a chance to spend a few minutes talking to one of my favorite comics and get caught up on the craziness that is Drew Hastings life:

Drew Hastings, Jimmy Pardo and Costaki Economopolous will be joined by Kristi Lee from the Bob & Tom Show Friday night (April 25) at 8pm at the Washington Pavilion in downtown Sioux Falls. Tickets are $26 (plus fees) at this link.

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