For the past couple of weeks Beth and I have been signing up listeners to join us for a steak lunch we're hosting at Beef O Brady's on Monday July 31.

Throughout the process it's been interesting to see how people like their steak prepared (we asked them ahead of time so the restaurant could have everything ready).

We found some like it cooked well done, almost to the point of it being charred. Others want it practically still mooing.

So how do you like your steak prepared?

According to a recent survey conducted by the national chain LongHorn Steakhouses, most of their patrons order their steak either medium, medium well or well done.

  • 37% choose medium
  • 26% choose medium well
  • 22% choose medium rare
  • 12% choose well done
  • 3% choose rare

Ask any food expert, however, and they'll tell you a steak should never be cooked beyond medium rare. Anything past that and the meat drys out and becomes tough.

It also depends on what cut of steak you're preparing, each one is different. The website Daily Meal has a handy guide if you have any questions.

I wonder if it has to do with where you grew up? For me, I prefer my steak medium - but that's just a recent thing.

While growing up on the farm every steak came well done whether you liked it or not. Mom never gave us a choice.

Now that I'm older and wiser, I've backed off a bit when it comes to cooking steaks well done. A little pink in the center is okay, but if I see blood anywhere it's going back.

I had a friend in college who was from the west river area of South Dakota and he liked his steak rare - and I mean RARE. He would order it still cold in the center.

So I think how you like your steak has a lot to do with where (and how) you grew up.

So, how do you like your steak prepared?


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