Life can surprise us in many ways. You truly never know who you will see or meet. This especially includes random encounters with huge superstars or local celebrities. Meeting these familiar faces even occurs in Sioux Falls. happened to me last night.

After a well-rested vacation with my family in Chicago, I made the late-night trip back to the Sioux Empire. The flight was normal. However, what was out of the ordinary was a former Bachelorette contestant on board. This Brandon Valley High School alum was really thrilled to be home!

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Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

If you keep up with South Dakota State University Jackrabbit football or ABC's The Bachelorette, the name "Dale Moss" should sound very familiar! That's right! I met Dale Moss on my flight back to Sioux Falls from Chicago on Monday night.

Honestly, I recognized Dale from the moment he stepped on the plane. During the entire flight, I was even debating whether or not I wanted to approach him. Why? Well, I figured he had a long day, and we had a few delays coming into Sioux Falls. I finally settled with this scenario: If he was at baggage claim, I would say hello and ask for a photo. Even though he was not around the baggage claim area, he was standing alone in the lobby waiting for his ride. I mustered the courage to talk to Dale, and he could not have been nicer!

We had a great conversation about how great it is to be back in his home state after a long-awaited trip, his life in New York City, and a little about how I came to Sioux Falls. His kindness really showed from the moment I said, "Hello." He could have easily said no to a photo, but he didn't. What a class act!

What a way to end a vacation! Thanks for the picture and the friendly exchange, Dale!


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