What makes a good chicken wing? Do you like the drumette or the wingette? No matter which piece is your favorite, the meatier the better. The skin has to be crispy to hold up to your favorite sauce. Wings can come with a spicy buffalo sauce to a sweet BBQ sauce, to everything in between. Don't forget the blue cheese dressing and celery sticks to cool down your mouth after you indulge in a spicy one.

There are a lot of places to get chicken wings in South Dakota. Practically every bar menu has some form of chicken wing featured. There are even restaurants dedicated to the meaty, mighty wing (you know who you are), but just because your business is wings doesn't mean you have the best, according to the travel industry website Travel Pulse. 

The website has named where you can find the best chicken wings in every state and in South Dakota, TC's Referee just off 26th and Marion is home to the best wing in the Mount Rushmore state.

Since 1991, T.C’s has been the place to go in Sioux Falls to watch sports and eat wings. They serve them up sizzling hot and doused in Buffalo sauce or your choice of a few other more creative sauces. Pork-lovers should also try the Ballpark Shanks—pork shanks tossed in wing sauce.

How about our neighbors? In Iowa, the best wings are at the Filling Station in Davenport. Stop at Runyon's in Minneapolis for the best wings in Minnesota and if you're heading to Omaha for your chicken wing fix, Oscar's Bar and Grill makes the best according to Travel Pulse.

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