Almost everywhere you look in South Dakota, you can see that the return of fall has put big smiles back on the faces of folks throughout the Mount Rushmore State.

Not surprisingly, one of the season's biggest days is a big hit in these parts as well.

A new look at popular online Halloween search terms, conducted by, found that South Dakota's 'Halloween Spirit' is the fifth highest in the nation.

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An analysis of Google Trends data for 30 Halloween-related search terms from the past 7 days, shows an abundance of excitement in South Dakota for Halloween, thanks to top ten rankings in searches for pumpkin carving, kids costumes, pumpkin ideas, Halloween treats, and adult costumes.

In one category, nobody beat South Dakota: Pumpkin Painting Ideas (100 out of 100).

The one thing you won't find people in the state wasting their time and energy on: Do-It-Yourself Halloween Decorations. South Dakota is one of six states with a big, fat zero in that column.


  1. Wyoming
  2. Vermont
  3. North Dakota
  4. Alaska
  5. South Dakota
  6. Rhode Island
  7. Delaware
  8. Montana
  9. New Hampshire
  10. West Virginia

How did Iowa and Minnesota fare?

The Hawkeye State is 20th overall with a high score in the Couples Costumes category.

The North Star State is 33rd with a high score in the Best Costumes category.

The places that aren't feeling it on October 31st are some of the biggest states in America, with California leading the way.


  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. New York
  5. Georgia
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Illinois
  8. North Carolina
  9. Virginia
  10. Ohio

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