Who says that Halloween has nothing to offer for adults?

While the kids were agonizing about putting together the perfect costume for trick-or-treating, moms and dads in the Sioux Empire were once again wrestling with a much more pressing topic - which craft brew beer and which Halloween candy go best together?

Once again this year, the folks at WoodGrain Brewing Co. in Downtown Sioux Falls provided everything you needed to conduct your own taste test.

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Five different flights were on the menu, complete with a fun-sized candy to compliment a trio of different selections from WoodGrain's hoppers. We tried four of the flights.

'Into The Light' Beer/Candy Flight
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  • WoodGrain Two Bit Nut Brown Ale - paired with Whoppers
  • WoodGrain Milk Stout - paired with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
  • WoodGrain Breakfast Milk Stout - paired with Twix
'Jack O' Lager' Beer/Candy Flight
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  • WoodGrain Oktoberfest - paired with Heath
  • WoodGrain Duct Tape Pinata - paired with Milky Way
  • WoodGrain Yes Man - paired with Kit Kat
'Frankensour' Beer/Candy Flight
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  • WoodGrain Nap Culture: Key Lime Gose - paired with Watermelon Sour Patch Kids
  • WoodGrain Punch Dragon - paired with Sour Patch Kids
  • WoodGrain Nap Culture: Raspberry Pineapple - paired with Wildberry Skittles
'Jack the RIPA' Beer/Candy Flight
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  • WoodGrain Snobbery IPA - paired with Skittles
  • WoodGrain Nectaron IPA - paired with Swedish Fish
  • WoodGrain IPA - paired with Life Savers Big Ring Gummies

So which pairings were the best?

Who cares?

It was just a good excuse to enjoy some beer and candy on a Monday afternoon!

See you next year...

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