For a lot of us, it's a 'can't miss' each and every time we make a road trip to the Twin Cities.

It's Minnesota's Largest Candy Store and we've stopped in so many times we could probably drive there in our sleep.

Well, all that is going to change in the next few years.

The store, which has been in operation for more than 40 years just southwest of Jordan on Highway 169, is being forced to relocate thanks to one of our least favorite things.

Road construction.

The main access to the store is going to be cut off when a new interchange on Highway 169 gets up and running.

That forced store owner Robert Wagner to explore his options.

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After a number of meetings with local officials, Wagner was first presented a proposal from Scott County that would have constructed a new road to link the highway to the store’s parking lot.

But when that plan was deemed unacceptable, county officials offered up a land swap - the current store location for a piece of county land located less than a mile away.

Wagner jumped at the chance for the new land, especially since it would move the store to within the Jordan city limits, saving the business tens of thousands of dollars on utilities.

The new store, which is expected to be double the size of the current store, will open in the spring of 2027.

Until then it's business as usual, starting with a May 1st opening this year.

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