If you get up bright and early Tuesday morning (April 30) you can catch Minnesota as the featured location for a segment on one of the network morning shows.

The long-running ABC show Good Morning America is coming to the Twin Cities to highlight the emergence of what's being called the 'fastest growing racket sport in the world'.

GMA's 'Rise and Shine' series will be live at The Heights Racquet & Social Club in Mendota Heights to feature the sport Padel.

So what is Padel (pronounced PA-dell) and how is it played? Check out this informational video from the United States Professional Tennis Association:

According to Wikipedia, the sport got its start in Mexico in the late 1960s and is now played by more than 25 million people worldwide in 90 different countries.

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It shares the same scoring system as tennis but is played on a much smaller court (32' 10" by 65' 7"). In fact, three Padel courts can fit inside one tennis court.

The Padel court is enclosed and the walls can be used to play off of, similar to squash.

Padel has become so popular that the International Padel Federation hopes to have it included as a sport in the 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane, Australia.

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