The United States Social Security Administration has released it's annual list of the most popular baby names for the year ending in 2023. One of the very first things new parents do after a baby is born is apply for a social security number for the newborn child. A name is given and the next thing you know, they're off the college. Well, it doesn't quite go that fast but trust me, it seems like it!

Here are the most popular baby names in the United States for 2023: (see below for the most popular baby names in South Dakota)

Boy / Girl

1. Liam / Olivia

2. Noah / Emma

3. Oliver / Charlotte

4. James / Amelia

5. Elijah / Sophia

6. Mateo / Mia

7. Theodore / Isabella

8. Henry / Ava

9. Lucas / Evelyn

10. William / Luna

The most popular baby names in South Dakota, according to the Social Security Administration:

1. Oliver / Ava
2. Henry / Charlotte
3. Hudson / Nora
4. Theodore / Amelia
5. Owen / Evelyn
6. Liam / Olivia
7. William / Lainey
8. James / Emma
9. Grayson / Harper
10. Leo / Mia

We've only printed the top ten baby names here, but you can see the entire top 100 on the Social Security Administration website. It also tells us how many babies were born with that name in South Dakota! It's worth a good look.

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