Every Halloween there are a number of important decisions that need to be made about picking out the perfect costume to head out for trick-or-treating.

But just as important are the choices made by those handing out the candy. Hard candy or chocolate? Fun-sized or Full-sized?

The candy budget is also a major consideration and in the Tri-State area, we do that better than anyone.

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Casino.ca has compiled a list of the most generous states for trick-or-treating in America and South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota all made the cut.

The Mount Rushmore State and the Hawkeye State join Indiana as the places that have the biggest bankrolls for Halloween goodies, an average of $20 per household.

The North Star State isn't far behind at an average of $16.

Stingiest Halloween States

MOST GENEROUS HALLOWEEN STATES (average spending on candy)

  • South Dakota: $20
  • Iowa: $20
  • Indiana: $20
  • Mississippi: $19
  • New Jersey: $19
  • Utah: $18
  • Nevada: $17
  • Minnesota: $16
  • Kansas: $16
  • Delaware: $16

A deeper dive into the Halloween numbers shows that plenty of doorbells will be ringing in Iowa, where 75 percent of residents say they will be welcoming trick-or-treaters this year. In Minnesota, it's 60 percent. In South Dakota, it's 48 percent.

48% of respondents from South Dakota will be welcoming trick-or-treaters this year

STINGIEST HALLOWEEN STATES (average spending on candy)

  • Arkansas: $9
  • Colorado: $9
  • Missouri: $10
  • New Hampshire: $10
  • Connecticut: $11
  • South Carolina: $11
  • Alaska: $12
  • Hawaii: $12
  • Massachusetts: $12
  • Kentucky: $13

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