It's a sad but true reality in the world we live in today.

Every time you go online, you run the risk of having your information fall into the wrong hands. And depending on where you live, your risk of cyberattack might be considerably higher than other places in America.

Researchers at TorGuard, an online protection company, recently analyzed data from the updated FBI Internet Crime Report to identify the states most at risk of a cyberattack.

One Tri-State (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota) locale is among the most vulnerable, while one is among the safest from online crime.

According to the report, South Dakota had the eighth-most cyberattacks in the nation with 182 per 100,000 residents, who lost an average of $21,241.

Personal data breaches are the most common online crime in Mount Rushmore State.

STATES MOST VULNERABLE TO CYBER CRIMES (attacks per 100,000 people)

  1. Alaska: 319
  2. Nevada: 308
  3. Delaware: 257
  4. Arizona: 235
  5. California: 199
  6. Colorado: 194
  7. Washington: 186
  8. South Dakota: 182
  9. Florida: 179
  10. South Carolina: 178

As for the rest of the Tri-State area (Minnesota, Iowa), both are in the bottom half of the vulnerability rankings.

The North Star State is 34th overall with 122 cyber attacks per 100,000 people. The average victim lost more than $27,000 with personal data breaches being the most common crime.

The Hawkeye State landed just outside the top ten states most immune from cyberattacks at number 40 overall.

Victims in Iowa lost an average of $16,000 with 116 attacks per 100,000 people.

Like South Dakota and Minnesota, personal data breaches are the number one cybercrime in Iowa.

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