Dining out should be so much more than just a treat for your tastebuds. It should be appealing to your eyes as well.

So which places in the Tri-State (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota) areas are as pleasing visually as they are to the palate?

People magazine is sharing Open Table's list of the 50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America.

Snitches - Deadwood SD
Photo courtesy: Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort

In South Dakota, head for the Black Hills and Snitches at Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort  on Main Street in Deadwood.

The dining room is decked out with dark blue walls, jewel-toned chairs, and luxe gold accents.

Mulberry Street Tavern - Des Moines IA
Photo courtesy: Surety Hotel

Iowa's pick is Mulberry Street Tavern inside the Surety Hotel in downtown Des Moines.

There's rich wood paneling, a zinc bar, and leather chairs that help create a cozy atmosphere.

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RH Rooftop Restaurant - Edina MN
Photo courtesy: RH Rooftop Restaurant

In Minnesota, dine with a view at RH Rooftop Restaurant in Edina.

Sitting on the third floor of RH Minneapolis, the restaurant's unique indoor-outdoor overlooks RH's atrium and manicured grounds.

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