2020 is on our doorstep and it will bring with it a few notable things.

We will have a leap year in 2020, with February 29 making its first appearance on our calendars since 2016.

The new year is also an Olympic year, with the 2020 summer games scheduled for Tokyo, Japan from July 24 to August 9.

2020 is also a Presidential election year, with Americans going to the polls, Tuesday, November 3.

But the new year is also big for the number crunchers as the United States Census Bureau generates its once-a-decade population counts. The bureau will hire an estimated 500,000 temporary employees to assist in the collection of data.

As a teaser for the next hard count, the bureau has released the latest population estimates for 2019

In South Dakota, the 2019 population is estimated at 892,631 which is 46th overall among states and is up 10,396 people (about 1.2 percent) from 2018 numbers (882,235). That makes the Mount Rushmore State one of forty states that saw population increases over the past year.

We are one of six states (along with Alaska, North Dakota, Wyoming, Delaware, and Vermont) with fewer than one million inhabitants.

Overall, the nation's population was 328,239,523 in 2019, growing by 0.5% between 2018 and 2019, or 1,552,022 people.

South Dakota was also one of 42 states that had fewer births in 2019 than 2018.

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