What is the answer to that question?

You won't find bad attitudes and bad customer service. As you know that is probably expected when you shop & dine elsewhere. There are so many fun, unique, shops, that the local owners have poured their hearts into. They know if you have a negative experience, you won't be back.

What will you find?

There are so many stores that have specials, during Downtown Sioux Falls Summer Crazy Days, not to mention some of the lowest prices of the season. If there is something you really want & have been waiting for the price to drop, check this weekend.

Downtown eateries will also have specials on some of the tremendous food they offer. So breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snacks are taken care of too! And the choices are endless, from burgers to salad, fries to grits, fish to pizza - you'll find it all.

What else?

There is a ton of free parking, there is usually music floating through the air and if you haven't taken the Historic Trolley Tour, this is a great opportunity. You can hop on & off to shop, eat and maybe add the Sculpture Walk to your activities too.

When does this all happen?

This Friday and Saturday, (July 15 & 16, 2022)

However, some businesses have jumped the gun and are already offering special deals on their store's products. So if you'd like to go crazy a little early start shopping Downtown Crazy Days today, go for it!

See the list of always expanding participants at Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc.

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