Water your lawn on a day that you're not supposed to will bring out the Water Police and issue a fine. The cost for repeat offenders could add up and possibly lead to having your water shut off.

Ask yourself, "Is having the nicest lawn in the neighborhood and watering it to keep it green all summer, that important?" If you said 'yes, it's going to cost you.

The City of Brandon, South Dakota has implemented Lawn Watering Restrictions where there is NO WATERING between the hours of 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. This Stage-2 Yellow level means you may water once per week following the schedule below and have your address end with the correct number:

In 0 or 1 on Mondays
In 2 or 3 on Tuesdays
In 4 or 5 on Wednesdays
In 6 or 7 on Thursdays
In 8 or 9 on Friday

The City of Brandon has introduced the Water Smarter Incentive Program to encourage residents and businesses of Brandon, to participate in a shared effort to conserve Brandon’s water supply.

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We feel the best way to promote water conservation is by addressing the source of over 30% of the City’s water use, which is lawn watering.

Signup for the program and reap the benefits. According to the City’s website, any Brandon Utility customer who purchases and subsequently installs an eligible device can submit a rebate form and receive credit towards their water bill.

Did you know there is a toilet rebate?  And new this year, a washing machine rebate.

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