Extreme heat is taking a toll on lawns and gardens around the region and the dryer it gets the more you want to save that green in your lawn and garden. But, there are restrictions for when you can water in Sioux Falls.

According to the City of Sioux Falls, we are at Stage-1 of the Lawn Watering Program, meaning watering is prohibited from 12:00 Pm to 5:00 PM. And users with even-numbered addresses may water lawns on even-numbered calendar dates and users with odd-numbered addresses may water lawns on odd-numbered calendar dates.

I rarely water my lawn. But to keep it from the terminal stage the sprinkle will come out from time to time. My garden is in a whole different category. It will get a deep soak once per week.

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Should we reach Stage-2 watering will only is allowed once per week based on the last number of your property address.

Stage-3 would prohibit watering altogether. However, when it comes to gardens and shrubbery, trees, ground covers, plants, vines, vegetables, and flowers, watering is permitted any time of day if the water is applied by a hose that does not leak and is equipped with a hand-held nozzle that automatically shuts off when released.

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