My lawn does not like the excessive heat and lack of rain so we had a discussion over the weekend. We both agreed to give each other a break until we get a break from the lousy dry and hot conditions.

Don't get me wrong. My garden will do well now that it's tucked in with plenty of top mulch to keep it cool and a good deep-watering over the weekend. But, with my lawn not having a five-star rating, to begin with, I will just let it go instead of burn up. Plus, the weeds will have a much more difficult time taking over.

I'm well aware of the City of Sioux Falls lawn codes and that there is an 8-inch limit. But I should be good at least until this heat breaks and we get some much-needed rain.

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By the way, dandelions and thistles don't stand a chance in my lawn. It's that green spreading flat stuff that is a pain that winds its way through the grass choking out everything in sight. You know the one. It's called Spurge. The one when you try and pull it has a sticky milky sap. If you're lucky to yank one out by the root you will discover those things go down deep.

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