My goal while traveling by airplane is to never be that family with the ill-mannered kids, the loud electronics, or the infamous seat recliner 0.0000068 seconds after the rubber leaves the runway. But you know what? Sometimes s#%*& happens.

I remember traveling with our kids - ages 1, 5, and 7 to Disney World and the baby screamed from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis. If you were on that flight, I apologize. I also saw you praying that we wouldn't be on your connecting flight. Thankfully, she settled down after the layover and slept for the next 4-hour flight.

So, what irks you most about airline travel? Okay, the barking and handsy airport security. Duh. But what about the actual flight?

A recent Reddit thread asked what "annoys the hell out of you" on airplane flights, and lots of people were eager to share their in-flight aggravations.

Here are a few gems:

  • Changing diapers on the seatback tray table. Eww! That should be illegal.
  • Reclined seats -- "They know damn well that they're taking up someone's 12" of space.
  • Kids playing video games with the volume up -- "We're all trapped in here, no one wants to listen to a repetitive little tune for hours on end."
  • Passengers next to you stealing the armrest with your TV controls.
  • Rowdy groups of passengers traveling together. -- "Yes it's fun and exciting and all that, but . . . we don’t need it at 100 the whole flight."
  • The passenger behind you strongly poking at the touch screen on your seatback.
  • Using your iPad or laptop at 100 percent brightness in a dark airplane.
  • Taking off your shoes and showing off their smelly feet.
  • Can you relate to these and what would you add?

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