This is THE day. Match Day. For those in the medical field you'll know exactly what this refers to. And it's a big day.

The University of South Dakota (USD) Sanford School of Medicine is marking this annual spring event with the announcement as 4th year medical students learn which residencies have accepted them into their programs to complete their medical education.

Through the National Resident Matching Program applicants may be “matched” to programs using the certified rank order lists of the applicants and program directors, or they may obtain one of the available unfilled positions during the Match Week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program.

Students at three USD Sanford medical school campuses including Sioux Falls, Yankton and Rapid City will attend Match Day events today.

It is likely that no single event in higher education presents the same dramatic level of anticipation, hopefulness and celebration as does Match Day taking place simultaneously at each of the nation’s 145 accredited medical schools.

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