Ah, the colors of summer.

Blue skies. White clouds. Green Grass. Orange cones. And orange cones. And orange cones

I know you've heard the old saying 'there's two seasons in South Dakota. Winter and 'road construction'. Well, my friends, it sure isn't winter, and if you don't believe that just wait until you get your monthly energy bill. So it must be...

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Road construction.

It happens every year, of course. The folks are out keeping the roads and streets up to shape, a smooth surface for smooth sailing. But is there more road/street construction this summer or am I just getting old and cranky? Don't answer that.

I don't drive on each and every street in our great city but the ones I do motor up and down are getting quite a facelift. Kiwanis is certainly an interesting place these days. Pay attention or you just might get a bump in the butt.

49th must be getting quite a makeover. Slow down, down, down and you'll get through to Louise past a cascade of orange. 57th and Louise intersection? A little work going on there, too but you'll be OK.

There's stuff going on too at 26th and I29. I say 'stuff' because I'm about as far away from an expert on construction as you can get. Let's just say we should all be happy they're doing it and not me. Heck, I'd be bringing the whole city to a stop instead of just a slow-down. Anyway, a field of orange cones are growing there as well.

Whew, I thought I'd get out of town for a while and drive free! A couple of weeks ago I motored east on I90 and met my brother and his wife at the Round Lake, Mn. winery. The trip was pretty much cone-free. So this weekend I did it again, meeting my old friends Phil and Dave for coffee and conversation at the 75 Diner in Luverne. This was gonna be good!

Onto I90 I go and...hit the Minnesota line and see them...orange cones. Traffic was being pulled from West I90 onto the east lanes. (Insert sigh here). But it went fine, except for the guy that was right up against my rear bumper because i had the audacity to drive the reduced speed limit through the construction.

A slight problem developed when I left the 75 Diner to get back on the interstate. The ramp was closed. Was there a detour sign? Maybe, but if so I missed it, which wouldn't be a shock. So to make a long story short, I was able to enjoy a Rock County gravel road or two before finding my way back to Beaver Creek and back on the interstate and home.

So is there more street/road construction this year? Probably not. I'll just go with the 'old and cranky' thing.


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