As if we need another reason to celebrate our pets, April 11 has been proclaimed National Pet Day - a day to celebrate our furry family members.

And family members they are, just ask anyone who has (or had) a pet. For me, I would do anything for our little dog Maddy; she's like a child.

National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives.

There's just something about the unconditional love pets give without expecting anything in return - it's as pure and perfect as one can get.

It doesn't matter how bad your day was, you know you're going to be greeted at the door at the end of the day with a wagging tail and a big wide smile.

There are those who would have you believe humans are superior to animals - I beg to differ. How are pets able to take love to a whole different level when we can't?

In fact, we could actually learn a little something from our pets if we just made the effort. If only humans were as forgiving and gentle as animals the world would be much better off.

Growing up on the farm I had more pets than I can name - ranging from dogs to cats to a lamb to even a horse - and I loved them all.

Years later my daughter would talk me into getting several gold fish, gerbils, a bunny and even two chickens (don't ask, it was Easter and she knew just what buttons to push).

In college I had a friend who had a tarantula and a giant snake as pets. Granted neither would be my first choice, but he loved them none-the-less.

My point is, it really doesn't matter what kind of pet your have in your house. They all bring with them a love that's hard to explain - a love that only a pet owner can comprehend.

In honor of National Pet Day, consider adopting a pet from your local humane society. Another thing you can do is donate to an animal welfare organization of your choice.

If you would like to learn more about National Pet Day, here's a link to the Facebook page.

And finally, don't forget to give your furry friend a little extra squeeze tonight when you get home to let them know how much they're loved and appreciated.

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