You would think by now I would be accustomed to all of today's modern technology, but every now and then something happens that still takes my breath away.

Case in point, I recently received a nice email from a gentleman who listens to the radio station while doing medical work in Nicaragua. Darwin Kampa is his name.

"Good Morning and thank you for Radio Pup so we can stay in touch with what's going on back home. By the way, it's currently 92 degrees here, very dry and sunny. I'm including a few photos of our work and our Gloria Dei medical mission trip to the Northwest part of Nicaragua and the village of Chinadega."

And Darwin isn't the only one. We also have a listener who's helping build a nursing school in Tanzania who listens in on a regular basis.

Boy has radio changed over the years. It seems like just yesterday I was working with "commercial carts" and "turn tables."

It still amazes me how nowadays somehow can listen to the show while being thousands of miles away - what an exciting time to be working in the business!!!

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