Like it or not, the days of having a wallet stuffed full of all denominations of cash to cover all of our various transactions in life are quickly coming to an end as technology is now allowing us to pay virtually.

At last count, 43% of Americans don’t carry cash with them, opting instead to pay by credit card or cell phone.

So where is the enthusiasm greatest for the move toward a cashless society? Merchant Machine looked at tweets from all 50 states and found that folks in South Dakota are the biggest backers of ditching hard currency for technology.

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Cashless Society
Merchant Machine

In the Mount Rushmore State, nearly 40 percent of tweets (39.22%) were positive when it came to a cashless existence. Residents in Iowa weren't far behind at 38.48 percent.

People in Minnesota aren't as excited. 32.36 percent of residents in the North Star State are backing a cashless world.

Across America, the response to moving away from hard currency is pretty positive. In fact, only two states, Alabama and Delaware, don’t want a cashless society.

World Cashless Society
Merchant Machine

Around the globe, a large part of the world is in favor of cashless payments.

54 nations in all back the idea with Vietnam currently holding the distinction as the most pro-cashless country in the world.

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