When it comes to opening a small business, South Dakota is one of the best places in America.

For the first time in the seven year history of its 'Small Business Friendliest Survey' Thumbtack ranks the Mount Rushmore State as only of only five in the country to receive an 'A+' rating. South Dakota ranks at or near the top in most of the key categorizes that made up the survey: taxes, training, licensing, and labor regulations.

The only category the state under performed was 'ease of hiring', which was graded as a 'D'. South Dakota's low population is likely to blame.

Tennessee, Alaska, Michigan, and Utah were the other 'A+' states.

As a whole, the Upper Midwest did very well in the survey. North Dakota and Minnesota each received an 'A-', Nebraska was graded at a 'B+', with Iowa a 'C+'.

Two of the biggest states in the states in the country, New York (D+) and California (D), were on the other end of the spectrum.

New Jersey, Wyoming, Kentucky, and Rhode Island all received either a "D' or 'D+'.

The only two states with failing grades were Hawaii and Illinois.

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