According to a new study, the more money you spend on your wedding the greater your chances of getting a divorce. The study also found "looks" plays a big part in it.

The study was done by a couple of economics professors by the names of Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M. Mialon. They surveyed 3,000 married couples.

And despite what bridal companies and jewelry stores would have you believe, the truth is inexpensive weddings lead to more satisfying and long-lasting marriages.

Researchers also found there's another certain characteristic that increases the likelihood of divorce - importance of looks. For some, it's a deal-breaker.

They found if one of the parties involved placed their partner's looks as being "important" in their decision to get married, that tended to lead to a shorter marriage.

So, lesson learned here is don't go over-board when it comes to spending money on your wedding - and when looking for a potential spouse, it's what's on the inside that counts.

Source: Insider

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