A couple in California took Halloween to the extreme by dedicating their entire wedding to the spooky holiday, including getting married at a funeral home.

Arriving at the funeral home in a hearse, Norma Nino, who works as a mortician, married husband Axel Nino surrounded by pumpkins and coffins.

Norma, a self-professed Halloween fan, told The Mirror that her friends and family were initially not sold on the idea of a gothic-themed wedding, but ultimately the day ended up being "perfect."

"I've always loved Halloween and I knew I wanted to get married at the funeral home. It was one of the first funeral homes to be run by a woman, and it's played such a huge part in my life as I worked there for years," Norma shared.

Naturally, the bride wore black.

"I'm obsessed with Halloween, and I go all out every year with decorations and costumes. I've always been into a more gothic, grungy style, and so a Halloween-themed wedding was perfect for me," she added.

Norma explained her family is quite "superstitious," so at first they were "scared" of the venue and theme. However, once the big day arrived and they saw how happy the bride was, they knew she made the right decision.

"Arriving in the hearse was the ultimate celebration of our special day, people were shocked but they found it funny too," Norma told The Mirror.

Norma and Axel tied the knot on Oct. 1, 2022, in celebration of the start of Norma's favorite month. They couple asked guests to arrive wearing 1930s-style gothic costumes.

The newlyweds had originally planned to get married at Yosemite National Park, but Norma came up with the alternative Halloween-themed ceremony.

"Axel wasn't sure at first, but a few months before the wedding he decided to go for it and let me have the wedding of my dreams. On the day, he saw that I was in my element and said that we definitely made the right decision," Norma said, calling the ceremony "magical" and "perfect for us."

"I'm a little more traditional so I was unsure about the wedding being too spooky. But I love her so wanted to make a compromise. On the day it was surreal, it felt like it went by too fast! Time flies when you're having fun. At the end of the day, I was so glad we went for the Halloween theme. I'm so happy that after all these years I can finally call Norma my wife!" Axel added.

And for any other couples out there who may be considering a themed wedding, Norma shared this advice: "If anyone was considering having a Halloween themed wedding, I'd say go for it! It's your day so other people's opinions don't matter."

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