Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome the newest member of the family, Zip!

It's kind of an All-American thing, isn't it? A boy, or in this case boys, and their dog. Now, the dog isn't at our house. No, no, no. Those two kids are actually my Grandkids. The one on the left there is Bennet. The one on the right is his little brother Ayden.

And, of course, the snoozin' pooch is the new family member, Zip.

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I had a dog as a kid, in fact more than one. Well, to be honest, I didn't have a was a family thing. Back there on our little farm we had Sparky, a collie. Then we had Sarge, a German Shepard. We had house dogs, too. Tiny was first, and then Teddy. You probably had a favorite dog (or two) growing up as well.

And now the boys have a new family member, Zip the Beagle. And so far, it's love all around.

Oh, there are some of the 'less fun' aspects to a dog, of course. Zip came to them as a six week old puppy. And six week old puppies don't come fully house trained. So, there are accidents...fewer and fewer as I've been told. And if you know a Beagle, you know they don't bark. They howl. And little loveable Zip is finding his voice.

Zip is going to be one of those memories for Bennet and Ayden that, years down the road, will be a memory that bends mighty warm. They may not realize it right now, but they've made a friend they'll never forget.

But for right now, hey guys Zip is howling and he's by the door. You're either going to have to let him out, or grab a roll of Bounty paper towels.


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