As we move into our sixth month of dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, we're still learning more about how the virus is spread and some of the early warning signs that you may be infected.

Excessive fever, coughing, breathing difficulties, and loss of taste or smell have all been cited as early indicators of an eventual coronavirus diagnosis, but now a new study says a fairly common occurrence could be a sign of infection.

BestLife is reporting that a recent study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that persistent hiccups could be an early indication of the onset of coronavirus.

The case involved a 62-year-old man with no history of lung problems or any other symptoms typically associated with COVID-19. He sought medical attention after four days of uncontrolled hiccups and an unexplained weight loss of 25 pounds over four months.

He was later admitted to the hospital where X-rays showed unusual hazy areas in his lungs, which doctors thought could be 'some type of lung inflammation, bleeding, or damage'.

One day after being hospitalized the patient's fever hit 101.1 degrees and a subsequent test confirmed he was positive for COVID-19.

The study noted that this was the first instance of hiccups being potentially associated with coronavirus and the connection, if any, still hasn't been established.

Researchers are using the case as a reminder to doctors to do detailed evaluations in those presenting with hiccups, by checking medical histories, conducting physical exams, obtaining basic blood work, and securing a chest X-ray.

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