As long as we've been able to go online to get the answers to our questions we've been flooding Google with our health concerns.

The website Medicare Health Plans crunched the numbers to see which ailments are occupying most of the attention in each of the 50 states, and while serious conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (tops in nine states), syphilis (six states), and HIV/AIDS (three states and Washington DC) are getting a lot of attention, in South Dakota, we're just looking for some shut eye.

The Mount Rushmore State is the only state in America where insomnia is the most searched for health problem.

Other states do have some rather odd inquiries leading the way.

  • In Iowa, they're asking about binge drinking.
  • In Minnesota, residents are reading up on hemorrhoids.
  • In North Dakota, it's ear infections.
  • As for the truly bizarre, residents in Connecticut want to know all about a quarter-life crisis.
  • While in Maine the most searched for health problem is rabies.

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