As more and more businesses transition to a mainly online presence, South Dakota is one of the best places to be. graded of the 50 states in four  main categories:

  • Taxes
  • Regulations
  • Financial Resources
  • Tech Infrastructure

After the final numbers were tabulated, the Mount Rushmore State landed in the top ten, at number-seven overall.

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  1. Utah
  2. Washington
  3. Florida
  4. Texas
  5. North Carolina
  6. Colorado
  7. South Dakota
  8. Virginia
  9. Arizona
  10. Nevada

South Dakota's lofty ranking was bolstered by two high marks in two key areas.

According to the study, the state has the most business-friendly regulatory environment in America, with very few government regulations in place.

South Dakota's well-known status as one of only nine states without a state income tax helped out as well, with a second-place showing behind only Wyoming.

That helps offset a bottom ten showing for the Mount Rushmore State in Tech Infrastructure.

A lack of broadband Internet coverage and some of the slowest Internet speeds in the country were part of the state's low ranking.

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