While the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine nationwide has been slower than most people expected, in South Dakota, we're one of the leaders in the distribution of the inoculation.

At last count, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting that more than 17 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna shots have been administered across America.

According to the CDC's vaccine tracker, South Dakota is among the top ten places where people are getting the vaccine.

The latest numbers show that 44,300 vaccines have been distributed in the Mount Rushmore State, which translates to a little more than 5,000 doses per 100,000 people.

That puts South Dakota in the top ten among all 50 states:


  1. Alaska (10,416)
  2. West Virginia (7,046)
  3. Vermont (5,437)
  4. North Dakota (5,357)
  5. Rhode Island (5,248)
  6. Maine (5,219)
  7. New Mexico (5,076)
  8. South Dakota (5,008)  
South Dakota Vaccination Timeline
South Dakota Department of Health

According to the South Dakota Department of Health, distribution of the vaccine in the state is currently available to people in one of four categories:

  • Frontline healthcare workers and long-term care facility healthcare workers
  • Long-term care residents
  • EMS/Public health workers
  • Law enforcement, correctional officers

In February and March, five more categories will be added to the distribution list:

  • Persons with 2 or more underlying medical conditions
  • Persons aged 65 years and older
  • Residents in congregate settings
  • Teachers and other school/college staff
  • Funeral service workers

The timetable estimates that the vaccine will be available to all South Dakota residents over the age of 16 beginning in May.

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