This isn't based on any press release or campaign issued by the Department of Public Safety or anything. It is strictly based on my own personal observations over the last week or two.

If you speed and drive crazy on the Racetrack (aka, I-229) in the Sioux Falls area you are probably going to get a ticket.

I drive I-229 quite a bit, especially the stretch between Louise Ave and 26th Street. On my way back to the station after lunch today (May 5) I saw a patrol car (couldn't tell which agency) sitting on top of the Western Avenue bridge, half hidden by the signage, zapping me with the speed gun.

I have also seen patrol cars sitting in the median, sometimes several at the same time in various locations.

Since I don't drive like a psycho and don't speed (much), especially on the Racetrack, I'm personally not worried about it. But if you do drive like a psycho (and there is a 50 percent chance I am talking about you) don't be shocked if you're a little lighter in the wallet.

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