Give thanks, not coupons on Thanksgiving Day.

Family, football, and food. The three big 'F's' of Thanksgiving. There was a time we wouldn't even think about going shopping on that day. But now? Retailers are trying to get a jump on their competition by opening their doors on turkey day.

Lately, even bargain hunters are willing to bring back the tradition of early-rising-high-caffeine-coffee-fueled Black Friday mornings and keeping Thanksgiving in-home and intact.

But, it depends on who you ask. Most retail workers would rather stay home on Thanksgiving but are often given no choice but to work.

Lately, we've been seeing a trend of more stores staying closed for family and friends on Thanksgiving so they can be ready to open with a door-buster sale at 5:00 AM. We like that a lot.

What's your opinion? And yes, we might get off track a bit.

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