The pressure mounts for the Senators in Washington to agree on health care reform. Senator John Thune will use the days ahead to garner support.

As an architect of the measure, Thune tells KSOO News what the eventual outcome would be if this effort falls short.

“If we fail in this endeavor to get fifty Republicans to be able to pass this, then this thing continues to spiral out of control. We get some kind of triggering event and then I think you have to solve it with Democrats. Not all Democrats, but a lot of them now are increasingly in the single payer camp and I think that’s probably where we end up.”

Thune admits there is a good amount of government involved in health care with few openings to escape.

“This is the last ditch effort to keep some semblance of a free-market economy in health care in this country. Realistically our senators have to realize the status quo isn’t working, you don’t like this alternative, but is the other choice someplace that you want to go.

Complicating matters for Thune and the rest of the senators is that health care is deeply personal and emotionally charged while having an effect on everyone.

No matter the outcome, Thune is confident the topic of health care will affect the 2018 election cycle.

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