Once everything is said and done, and all the packages have been delivered, the United States Postal Service is expecting deliveries to be up by as much as 12% this holiday season compared to last season.

And because of the increased demand this year - and the fact that much of the country is getting hit with snow and ice - the postal service is reminding all homeowners to make sure their driveways and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice.

"The trucks are full of packages. We're making parcel runs throughout the day. Not just one, not just twice, sometimes three times to get those packages out to the customers, because they need them for the holidays."

So you know, the U-S-P-S has designated December 20 as the last day to send something "First Class" if you want it to arrive in time for Christmas. For priority mail, the deadline is December 21.

Source: United States Postal Service

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