The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people all over the world living their lives more like the 1950s than the 2020s as millions are held up at home with little or no ability to do the things that were commonplace just two months ago.

The 'new reality' has made a lot of 'old' things fashionable again, like board games, family nights, and putting together jigsaw puzzles.

And when it comes to what we're eating during these unusual times, good old fashioned comfort food is winning out.

Here is just a sample of which foods are back in fashion in this coronavirus world: is reporting that frozen pizza sales in the United States are up 92 percent from a year ago.

The Wall Street Journal says sales of Slim Jims are up 50 percent

Over at the New York Post, they've got popcorn (up 48%), pretzels (up 47%), and potato chips (up 30%) all trending higher. Even sales of SPAM are up by more than a third.

And it's not just this country.

According to, demand for frozen food is up 64 percent in France, while packaged food sales are up 98 percent in New Zealand.

But perhaps the biggest winners of all are the soup makers in the United Kingdom. Sales figures there for one of the best comfort foods ever created are up a whopping 208 percent!

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