Over the years Nabisco has come up with some strange and not so tasty Oreo flavors. I still cringe when I remember sampling Watermelon Oreos! The pumpkin spice flavor was equally hideous and I love pumpkin spice - everything! Cotton Candy? Yuck!

Those are but three of the strange limited edition offerings in the Oreo pantheon of flavors. See if you remember tasting any of these:

  • Ice Cream (a sort of Rainbow sherbet flavor)
  • Root Beer Float
  • Neapolitan (this variety was a triple-double cookie with 3 vanilla cookies and chocolate and strawberry creme filling)
  • Candy corn
  • Birthday cake

Oh yes, there are many more, but I refuse to torture you by listing the rest. My reason for bringing this up is two-fold: A) I want them to bring back the best flavor ever produced- -the Brownie Batter Oreo. It was a delectable combination of chocolate and chocolate with a lovely brownie finish. Perfect with a glass of milk, wine or coffee, delicious right out of the package, with the only problem being, trying not to eat the entire package in one sitting; and B) next year for the holiday season rumor has it they'll be introducing Hot Cocoa flavored Oreos.

I congratulate them on thinking outside the box, but for the love of tastebuds, be kind with your next creative offering.

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