If you haven't reserved a campsite for Memorial Day weekend, or Father's Day weekend, you're already going to challenged to find the prime spots in God's country. But if you'd like to reserve one for the popular 4th of July weekend, you're in luck.

Campers, tentists, (is that a word?) and RV enthusiasts can book sites 90 days in advance in South Dakota - so booking now, exactly 3 months out, is recommended.

There is one exception to the 90 day rule: If you're travelling to Custer State Park, you have one year to reserve in advance.

The area's favorite - and most popular - is Newton Hills State Park. My family's other favorites include White Crane in Yankton, and the beautiful Lewis and Clark campgrounds along the Missouri River.

To start making family memories and book a site, visit www.CampSD.com or call 1-800-710-CAMP

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