Have you camped with family on dad‘s biggest weekend in June? Time to make a reservation and gather some supplies.

Ever since my kids were very young we’ve been heading out for camping trips on Father’s Day weekend. It turned out to be one of the best traditions we still keep.
And here’s a great tip: make it “electronics – free.” No laptops, no gaming devices, just keep the phone in the car for emergencies only or call grandma. It’s tough enough as a parent to get the attention of your kids in this electronically polluted world. A weekend of (gasp!) talking and hiking is a great fix.

Pack a football, a frisbee, bean bag boards, and a small grill. Let the kids pick out the weekend food. It’s nature’s detox - and it works. Connect with your kids again (and not with the charging cord.)

Here’s another great reason: camping doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. You don’t need a big fancy camper or a truck to pull it behind. Get a tent in a few basic camping supplies and enjoy nature. Don't forget the bug spray. We don't want mom running off to the nearest Holiday Inn.

Get started here: CampSD or call 1-800-710-CAMP (2267) beginning at 7:00 AM Central Time.

Camping on Father's Day weekend? I'm in. Reservations open at 7 AM CT on the first day of the 90-day window. This applies to all state parks that take reservations except Custer, which accepts reservations as much as one year before arrival.

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