It's not quite Father's Day yet, but we don't need to wait until the third Sunday of June each year to remind us of all of the things our dads provide us with throughout the year.

Including a whole host of 'Dad-isms'.

Everything from the dreaded 'Dad Jokes' to those seemingly endless tried-and-true nuggets of wisdom that flow from fathers everywhere.

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But what you hear from your dad most often could depend greatly on where you live.

Fittingly, the folks at Fatherly have broken it all down in their story, 'This Map Reveals The Most Popular Dad Joke In Each State'.

They used the results of a survey of 1,400 fathers by to determine to find out the most common dad jokes and sayings from across the country.

The most popular dad joke in the country is 'Hi Hungry, I'm Dad!', which reigned supreme in eight states (Nevada, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware).

The popular dad saying is 'I'm not sleeping; I'm just resting my eyes', which was the most popular in eight other states (North Dakota, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland).

As for dads in the Tri-State area (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota), sayings are much more popular than jokes.

The Mount Rushmore State's most popular dad-ism is 'Back in My Day...'.

In the Hawkeye State it's 'Ask Your Mother'.

In the North Star State it's 'If Your Friends Jumped of a Bridge, Would You?'

All classics.

Favorite Dad Jokes

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