Spring is here, summer is just around the corner and the need to get out of the house and enjoy nature is stronger than ever. Families are planning at least some type of road trip this summer and camping reservations are on the rise. But many believe that a "stay-cation" is the best option - including outdoor camping in their own backyard.

Think about the benefits to this: clean bathrooms with no bees and spider webs, real showers, no packing the car, and unloading while the mosquitoes are feasting on dad. And if it starts to rain and your tent isn't up to it, head inside a build a blanket fort, and watch a movie.

As soon as the overnight temperatures begin to go up a little, we're going to make this a thing - and the kids are excited. It's time to get back to nature and less time on the phones. In fact, my wife suggested we all leave our electronics inside. I'm on board with that.

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Instead of trying to score a solo win in Fortnite, spend family time around the fire pit telling ghost stories. We'll grab some jars for fireflies. There are also a variety of apps to identify constellations in the night sky. (We used one of them camping in the Black Hills last year and spent nearly 2 hours looking at constellations). And for a little authenticity, a Swiss Army knife.

Summer is almost here. Grab the sleeping bags and a flashlight and enjoy the nice South Dakota nights that are about to come.

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